Travel is good for the soul.

I just got home from three days visiting with Susan Wiggs, her husband, and their dog in their beautiful waterfront home. Jook (our dog) and Barkis (their dog) became fast friends and romped nonstop until they fell into their respective comas. Susan and I went to the spa while our husbands golfed. We ate, shopped, hit the yarn store, bought shoes, and did those things girls do when they get together, but the best part was sitting in lawn chairs and casually talking about work, writing, and all the possibilities in our futures.

There’s something magical about souls touching in person that email can never duplicate. I’ve known Susan and Jay for years, but after this trip, after this one-on-one time, I really feel as though I know them.

Al and I listened to The Life of Pi on the drive up and back. Masterful book, and the audio edition is superb.

I was also delighted to find out that Susan and I will both have short stories in Elizabeth George’s new anthology, Two of the Deadliest, coming soon from HarperCollins.

And speaking of said story, my final draft is due to Ms. Editor tomorrow, so I better get cracking on it. Enough of this sitting in the sun in lawn chairs–I have work to do.

This weekend is the Ghost Story Weekend at Siltcoos Station, and people are coming from three states to participate. I’ll give a report when it’s all over, the spirits have fled in terror, and we have wrestled at least fourteen of them to the page.

So welcome to my blog.



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2 responses to “Travel is good for the soul.

  1. WOW, you are a quick study, girlfriend! This is a lovely post and a great reminder of the benefits of getting out from behind the computer and out into the world to visit with friends! September is such a glorious month in the Northwest. We’re lucky to live here, lucky to have time to hang out with friends. A big RUFF from Barkis to Jook.

  2. Ginny

    Hi Liz!
    Amen to what you say!
    I feel blessed to have met you and Al …and Jook! What fun to see the new furry freinds romp together as the “old” human friends played too!

    Best to you, Al, and Joop…and thanks for bieng so gracious and letting us “Grasshoppers” intrude on your special weekend. You three were an unexpected blessing at Susan’s!


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