Politics and war

I usually keep my politics to myself. But I am a veteran. My husband, brother, son, and father are all veterans, and I feel authorized and compelled to say something about our involvement in the current conflict.

I think that we should only allow legislators to vote on matters of war if they have either worn the uniform or if they have sons or daughters who would be put in harm’s way as a result of their votes. Those who did not serve their country can earn their right to vote by being embedded in a combat unit for three months.

I am horrified by those on congressional panels who seem to casually over-extend our military resources. They seem to be way too cavalier about committing other Americans’ children to war. To war! Another year? Another thousand lives? Sign here, no big deal. They have nothing invested, why should they think twice?

They should have something very dear to them invested, as do all the mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines do.

I hate it. I’m fed up with it.

Let’s fix it. Please.


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