Ghost Story Weekend

Here are the surviving members of 2007’s Ghost Story Weekend. 

2007 classThey are, from left, Cindy Foster, Ron Burley, Brent Fletcher, Cliff Brooks, Rick Ramsey, Pam Herber, Bill Odell, Kit Porter, Val Ford, Roger Keith, me, Bill Smee, and Christina Lay.

There could be no more beautiful setting than Siltcoos Station on the magnificent Oregon Coast.

Sitcoos at SunsetThe Florence campus of Lane Community College has completely revamped the site (including wi-fi!), making it a perfect place to get down to the business of scaring each other witless. Along with eating, laughing, assigning new nicknames and taking long walks down the train tracks while keeping an eye out for bears. Lots of “bear sign” this time of year.

So now it’s up to us to refine the amazing (I’m not kidding about that!) stories we wrote and send them out into the marketplace, reflect on friends and good memories and the things we learned, and look forwad to next spring, when Siltcoos Station will again host a bunch of ghost-story writing, fun-loving folks.

Thanks, everyone, for a great time.

  ghost story cake


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One response to “Ghost Story Weekend

  1. Cliff

    Hey, what I great time! I’m envious of all you guys who have been doing this for years! The next one might be bad timing for me, but we shall see…

    Thanks for making this happen, Liz!

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