The best bean soup

When I pull the slippers out of the closet, I know it’s time for a pot of bean soup. I am no kitchen diva, but I know good bean soup when I taste it, and this is my favorite:

2 cups dried beans (I like black beans)

6 cups hot water

1 big onion, cubed

2 tablespoons Summer Savory (the bean herb — goes great with all beans)

3 cloves of garlic, smashed

1 big can of smashed tomatoes (optional)

2 hamhocks

Throw it all in the crockpot after breakfast and get ready for a tasty dinner. If I’m really feeling fancy, I’ll whip up some cilantro and sour cream in the Cuisiart for a dollop on the top, but the soup really doesn’t need it.

This crockpot of soup that’s cooking in the kitchen right now is my first Autumn activity. Now I need to go chop down the sunflowers. The birds have picked them clean and they’re ready for the compost.


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  1. pj

    Do you teach on line?

    Susan Wiggs is one of my mentors and she intro’d your site.

    Whatever/whoever Susan recommends, I listen and pay attention.

    Your site indicates ‘GHOST’ – I hit on that word and immediately felt ‘MY STORY’, as in My Story.


    As in electric shock tingling through my body.

    If you teach, please indicate you’re looking for students. I’m in line . . .


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