Good Stress

There is an old adage: “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.” This is true in my experience. I have friends who are either retired or stay-at-homes, and if we have a project to do, they always give it to me to organize. I resent this at times, but then I realize that if it’s going to get done, it needs to be done by a busy person. 

I put the tasks on my calendar, prioritize them and just like all the other “to do” items on my desk, it will get done in due time.  If it has a priority.

The last time they gave me an outing to organize, the priority hadn’t yet risen to the surface of my schedule, and when the opportunity came up, spur-of-the-moment, I went without them. They were miffed, but that’s too bad. I’m busy!

I like being busy. I like the stress of deadlines and a full schedule of to-do’s. But I try to keep a careful balance. I tend to over-commit, and while I am almost always capable of meeting all my deadlines, my projects usually rely on others to do their part on time and on budget, too. When someone else fails to meet their commitment, then I get backed up and start missing my own deadlines and that makes me very grumpy indeed. So I want just enough stress to keep me productive, but not so much that I get grumpy. A fine line indeed.

I even write on my calendar “Do Nothing” when I need a day off. That way I’m sure to take a day to myself.

I use Time and Chaos on my computer to organize myself. This program is a godsend. You can download the basic version for free. I enter every aspect of my daily life into this program (and back it up religiously, needless to say). It keeps me from spinning my wheels, keeps me on target and on deadline and keeps me happy.

Kept in perspective, stress is good.


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