Man, this getting-older stuff is not for sissies.

I email daily with a friend and the other day I wrote “I have a new pain…” and it was true. Still is true. She, a little older than I, completely understood what I was saying. We’re not used to pain, but eventually we become accustomed to the little ones, and when a new one shows up, it’s noteworthy. I’m still about 36 in my head, although my body is older, and when my body squeaks, it always surprises me.

But it won’t slow me down, not for long, anyway. I have too much fun stuff on my plate. I suppose that this latest pain is telling me to go for longer, more frequent walks, and I’ll do that, especially since my dog has been telling me the same thing. And that will be good for both of us.

So I guess that’s the message: we listen to our pains and learn what they have to tell us. This is especially true for emotional pain, maybe even moreso than the pain between my shoulder blades. I suppose the day will come when pain fails to teach us and instead merely terrorizes us, but until that day, I’ll listen, try to learn, and try to accommodate or at least compromise.

My compromise with this new visitor (a temporary guest, I hope) has been a chiropractor’s appointment, a pillow behind my back in my desk chair, some good stretching exercises and a doctor’s appointment next week. Oh, and those longer walks with the dog. That’s about as far as I’m willing to go with this one. 

I hope it’s listening.



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2 responses to “Pain

  1. Cap'n Crusty

    Welcome to the wonderful world of 56! You’re preaching to the choir here, of course. But in the spirit of glass-half-full-AND-half-empty, I look at it this way: if the pains continue, and new ones arise, well, then, at least I have good evidence that I’m still on top of the dirt. Just be judicious with the audible groans, no matter how heartfelt. The sympathy WILL eventually degenerate into a muttered “wish that old fool would quit that”.

    Take it from a pro.

  2. Cap'n Crusty

    Me, again.

    You wanna talk pain? How about writing six thousand words in three days, having not done that since who knows when, and suddenly being reminded (in the most unpleasant of ways) of the mild carpal tunnel syndrome one had acquired on the job prior to retiring?

    I’d like to say, it’s a good kind of pain…but weenie that I am, I feel there IS no such thing.


    And back to it.

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