Absolute Honesty

Is there such a thing as absolute honesty?

According to whom?

When I was younger, things were much more black and white. There were fewer shades of gray, and my code of ethics was easier to live by. Or abandon, depending on the situation. But these days, right and wrong seem to be thinner and thinner slices of a broader picture.

I read in a textbook yesterday that we must live our lives in absolute honesty. I couldn’t disagree more. In fact, that one statement made me question the entirety of the text. How could anyone with even a single grey hair believe that absolute honesty was a possibility?

Even if I judged my honesty today, by my own standards, I can’t be absolute. Tomorrow, I might uncover information that calls my honesty into question.

Honesty is a big deal to me today, but I am such a master of justification that I can easily confuse the issue with my cleverness and then my manipulation of the truth will keep me up at night.

I can’t be alone in this. Surely other people question their honesty on a daily basis. On a moment-by-moment basis.


Regardless, I need to stick to my own spiritual program, and while rigorous honesty is a part of it, I doubt that I will ever feel like I live my life in absolute honesty. The shades of grey become ever more complex.

The best I can do today is the best I can do today. I try not to fall for the tricks my mind plays on me, and I try not to let the “I wants” run my life. But I am far from infallible, and succumb to my old habits all too often.

Absolute honesty?


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