The Ultimate Diet?

I just watched “The Machinist” with Christian Bale.  Wow. This was not the handsome Christian Bale I have come to know and admire. This was an actor who went waaaay beyond what most actors do to prepare for a role. He lost 60 pounds. And, if you believe Wikipedia, this is how he did it:

He ate one apple and one can of tuna per day.

Holy crap.

I live in awe of people like Renee Zellweger, Tom Hanks or George Clooney who can gain or lose thirty pounds for a role, and do it effortlessly, or so it would appear. Zellweger went from “Bridget Jones” to “Chicago.” She shrugged and said “you just do the math.”

Math indeed. I know all about the math, and it doesn’t seem to help.

An apple and a can of tuna a day. Must have been one hell of a good apple.

Maybe a honeycrisp.



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2 responses to “The Ultimate Diet?

  1. Cap'n Crusty

    Stephanie Miller, one of my favorite talk show hosts, has lost a lot of weight lately, but not as part of a deliberate diet regimen. She, too, was eating a lot of tuna, as well as other seafood; in fact, swimmy-stuff formed the majority of her food intake. And in addition to rather extreme weight loss, she also was experiencing insomnia to a marked degree.

    So she went to the doctor and found out she had mercury poisoning, no doubt due to her concentration on pelagic comestibles. Perhaps Mr Bales should see his sawbones, too. Just a thought.

  2. Artemisian

    And then to Batman. That’s what always gets me. And the movie people told him he got /too big/. I mean … he was hulking in that movie. And he had been bigger???

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