My new novel

The Northwoods Chronicles

Alan M. Clark has done the cover art for my new book. We’ve submitted it to the publisher, but there’s no guaranty that they’ll use it as is. I hope they will, I think it captures the mood of the mysterious setting with its derelict amusement park very well.

In the midst of everything tumultuous… life goes on.


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3 responses to “My new novel

  1. Cap'n Crusty

    So when’s the latest opus coming out? I think you said at the last GSW, but with my memory…what were we talking about again?


  2. Excellent! I’m so glad for you, and I’m not the least bit professionally envious! I’d like to know the answer to Cap’ Crusty’s question, too.

  3. Greg

    Hi Elizabeth,

    Just wondered if you’d seen


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