Three beautiful things

My friend Mike Sack looks around every morning and finds three beautiful things.

Yesterday in our morning ritual at school, there was a presentation about ordinary things, and the extraordinary thing about them, then we each shared one ordinary thing that happens in our lives that is, in reality, a miracle. Like the purr of a cat. Or the warmth of a favorite quilt. Or simply hot water out of the showerhead at the mere turn of a handle.

Yesterday we talked a lot about religious ritual. The instructor said that the purpose of ritual is to lose yourself, speaking, I assume, about mantra or meditation, or just taking the focus off our selves and our petty stuff and dedicating a few moments to something else. I like this idea.

I woke up this morning thinking about three ordinary things in my life that I am grateful for. Things that bring me joy. Like setting the alarm clock a half hour before I get up so there’s good cuddle time. The delicate sound my dog makes when she laps water from her small stainless-steel bowl. Knowing that my commute to work on Monday morning will be a non-polluting thirty feet from my bed.

My world is filled with ordinary miracles, and I so rarely take the time to appreciate them. But now, every day, I hope to begin my day with this attitude of gratitude. Of appreciation. Of joy. Every day I hope to wake up and think of three new, ordinary, miracles in my life and be grateful for them.

I hope to lose myself in this tiny daily ritual, if only for a few moments.


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