My office

My office is a mess.

Not only is my desk piled high with junk, but my office is ugly. I’m going to change that.

It came to my attention yesterday that our homes and spaces should be beautiful. A refuge. A place to go to feel good about ourselves, to relax in warmth and comfort, a place to be intimate, and have intimate conversations.

We’ve been working on the house we bought less than two years ago, and it is coming along. Al is a fabulous craftsman, and piece by piece, we’ve been painting and upgrading, and soon the whole house will be a beautiful place. Starting in January, we’re completely gutting and renovating the main bathroom, and with Al’s facility with marble and granite, I know it will be a showplace when he’s finished. A showplace and a wonderful, comfortable place to be and to bathe.

Our bedroom is fabulous. It is perfect. Well, maybe I’ll get an ottoman for the corner chair where I read.

But I’ve never had a beautiful office. My office, always in a spare bedroom, is utilitarian. Al gave it a fresh coat of paint, but still… mismatched things hang on the walls in confusion, the ugly rug on the floor is strictly for acoustics, the dust is thick on top of the institutional black file cabinets, even the dog’s bed in there is nothing pleasant to look at… and my desk is always a mess, as is my bookcase.

And yet, I spend so much time in there, it ought to be a thing of beauty and comfort.

So this winter, I’m going to make a few changes.

I am going to put art on the wall that makes my heart sing. I’m going to make a dog bed that makes my pup smile. I’m going to clean out a filing cabinet, consolidate everything into one and get rid of the other. I’ll put a nice rug on the floor. I’ll frame photos of my family and keep them in my line of sight. I’ll bring in a candle.  

I’m going to turn my workspace into a place where I will enjoy the ritual of work, of writing, where I’m happy to lose myself and concentrate on greater things.

I’m going to look at all the spaces of my life in a different light, and spend the time, money and energy to make them right.


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  1. There’s a fun collection of writers’ offices on this site:

    Mine’s there. Bob & Jenny, too. Take pictures! xox

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