Podcasts – My New Favorite Thing

I love podcasts.

For those of you who aren’t in on it yet, (and I’m a sore late comer to the whole digital revolution, myself) here’s the deal: Go to iTunes and download the iTunes program. It’s free.

Once on your computer, the world is yours. You can copy all those CDs collecting dust in the living room to your computer. Then you can sell all those old dust-catching CDs that you bought years ago on Half.com and get rid of them. Now that all the songs you want are on your computer, you can make CDs to listen to in the car that don’t include all those tracks you hate. You can buy songs from iTunes for $.99 each instead of buying the whole damn CD that includes all those tracks you don’t want. You can buy a lot of other stuff on iTunes that I don’t know about yet, because I have an old iPod, not one of the fancy video ones.

I do love my iPod, though, especially when I’m on the treadmill at the gym or working in the garden. Sometimes I want to rock out (Queen!), sometimes I want to listen to something soft (Aaron Neville), but lately I’ve been listening to free podcasts of This American Life, Car Talk, and Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me. These, and a zillion other podcasts are free! One of the last real bargains in the world.

I love NPR. Love it. We listen to Morning Edition for at least an hour every morning before getting out of bed. True, we tend to snooze through most of it, but we get lots of good information that way. We especially like Weekend Edition.

Anyway, that’s the only time I listen to the radio, so I miss all the good shows, like the aforementioned. Well, now I can subscribe to their podcasts via iTunes. They download automatically, and then I can put them on my iPod or burn a CD so I can listen to them in my car.


Today I got a $50 gift certificate to iTunes. Yay! One of my favorite gifts! I’ve already bought David Sedaris’ latest book, downloaded it and written it to disk so I can listen to it in my car. Tomorrow I’ll buy a couple of K.T. Tunstall songs, and then Al and I will go shopping online for more. Probably another book to listen to.

My favorite audio books so far have been “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy (not for you, Margaret, it would give you frightmares), and “The Life of Pi” by Yann Martel. Both riveting adventures. But those, you have to buy.

Podcasts.  One of life’s little digital pleasures.


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