Life is Maintenance

So I’ve been long advised by my dentist that the time will come to do some major work, and suddenly, the time is here. I have good oral hygiene, I just have the type of teeth that seem to need lots of work. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough confidence in this general practitioner to mess with my front teeth, so I consulted a cosmetic dentist.

This was a really good thing according to me, and not such a great thing according to the budget.

Yesterday I had my teeth whitened. I cannot believe the difference. If you want to give yourself a treat, or a fairly expensive gift to a loved one, send them to a cosmetic dentist (at this point I can highly recommend Dr. Vodvarka) for a “Brite Smile” one-hour teeth whitening. Wow! I had no idea how stained my teeth had gotten over the years, not until I saw that “before” photo next to the way my pearly whites look now. I wish I had done that a decade ago. The only aftereffect so far has been a little achiness last night that required an Aleve before bed, and I have a little blister on my lip this morning. No big deal.

In two weeks I go in for veneers.  If I come out of that office with my mouth looking the way his does, and the beautiful teeth of his staff (especially the exquisite Denise), this will be money well worth spending.

Stay tuned.

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