Eliot, oh, Eliot.

Here’s the thing about Eliot Spitzer.
He was my hero.
He took all those greedy damned CEOs and inside traders and made them do the “perp walk” in public for humiliation. He brought Old West justice to Wall Street. I loved him. And he rode that wave of public trust and righteousness to the governor’s mansion.
And then this!
How stupid. He must have some kind of a self-destruct thing going on.
I saw a talking head yesterday say that if he had used a private madam, no one would have ever known. But he used a stupid internet site and wired money in excess of ten thousand dollars, which is what got the FBI involved, because they thought he was taking bribes. 
I don’t know that what he did should be prosecutable, but he surely deserves to be shunned.
I was horribly disappointed, after thinking of him as a crime-fighting white knight.
Turns out he was just a guy.

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  1. Lesson learned: Always pay cash.

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