Neurotically punctual

I can’t be late. For anything, ever. I am always early. Embarrasingly so, occasionally, and my annoyance with my husband when he makes me late is always way out of proportion.

I’ve known this about myself for many years, but it has just recently come home to me because I’m in graduate school, and this program is all about writing research papers.

Because of the way the coursework is set up, sometimes we don’t finish the class until the weekend before the end of the term. So obviously, we have an extra month in which to write our papers. Our grade shows up as a Work In Progress. But then we start a new term and a new class, and there will be a paper due at the end of that one, too.

I know myself, and I know that if I get behind, I will go crazy. Besides, I want to put the old class behind me so I can concentrate on learning the new material.

Other people in my class don’t sweat it. They take the full amount of time allotted, and make certain that their papers are just exactly right before turning them in, even if there are several papers in their personal queue.

I can see by talking with them that I’d rather get it done and turned in on time than producing the best work it can be.  This is not a good thing.

I wonder if there was an incident in my childhood that produced this peculiar neurosis. Perhaps it was too many years in the deadline-driven advertising business.

Oh well. I guess I’m not bugged enough by it to get myself analyzed. I can, however, work on being a little calmer around deadlines.  Frantic is worse for my health than being late, and I need to remember that.

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  1. Me, too. I blame Mom; she’s the same way. She’d rather be three hours early for an appointment than three minutes late. I solve the neurotic dilemma by not showing up at all. It’s my Program.

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