Revolution by Ron Paul

I just finished reading Revolution by Ron Paul, and it has rocked my entire worldview.

He doesn’t just bash the current administration (I’m kind of sick of that, aren’t you?), he discusses the Constitution and what we’ve done over the years to ignore it, circumvent it, and discount it. He talks about the fact that our downward spiral is not inevitable and what steps he thinks we need to take in order to correct our course.

This book gave me hope.

I try not to get too political on this blog, but this is back to basics. If we want to change he Constitution, there are ways to go about it. Until those steps are employed, every elected official ought to abide by it. Period.

We’re going to get a fresh face in the White House next January, and I hope it is in the form of a Constitutional scholar who will lead us back to the basics. We desperately need it.

Meantime, everybody who is interested in the direction of this country (and aren’t we all?) ought to add this book to their reading list.


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