My new bike

I have a new bicycle. It’s a sweetheart.

I’ve been in love with bicycling since my parents bought me a used blue Schwinn girl’s bike when I was about 8. I graduated to a 3-speed when I was about eleven. The summer between sixth and seventh grades I was never home. I had a bag of essentials strapped to my bike and I just went from friend’s house to friend’s house on my bicycle, sleeping over with this girlfriend or that. Always on my bike.

(The summer between seventh and eighth grades was even more bizarre, but that is a blog for another day.)

Anyway, biking wasn’t easy in Hawaii, so I put the bike away for many years, and then when I lived in the Oregon countryside it wasn’t practical. But when the Navy sent me to Washington DC during the first Gulf War, I bought a mountain bike and rode it everywhere from Maryland to Virginia and all places in between for seven months. The summer I came home from there I retired my car from April to October, doing everything on my bicycle, even grocery shopping.  I bought only two tanks of gas during those months.

I just sold that bike, 17 years and thousands and thousands of miles later, trading up to a Trek street bike. Sweet.  I love this bike.

My friend Jackie made me a custom messenger bag for my current essentials, and I’m out and about, feeling fit, saving gas, and smiling.


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