Customer (No) Service

I like to keep things light and positive, but yesterday’s customer (no) service really ticked me off.

I take two prescriptions. They’re not much, a little estrogen, a little thyroid. But they’re expensive. Finally, both prescriptions are for generics, down from $75 per month to $34 per month. I’ve been paying $34 per month for my prescriptions, with my insurance, now at RiteAid for about two years.

Yesterday, I said to the pharmacist: “You know, Wal-Mart sells generics for $4.” He said. “We’ll match their price.” I told him to make it happen, and it took him a couple of minutes to back out the claim against my health insurance and to repackage the pills. While I waited, I seethed. All this time, I could have been paying $8. “So,” I said, when he was ready to ring up my purchase, “how long have you been doing this?” “The whole time,” he said. “And what about your advertised personal service? Seems to me the customer-friendly thing would be for you to offer me this.”

“Oh, we don’t volunteer this information,” he said.

“Nice,” I replied.

“When you call to refill, now, you’ll have to press 3 and tell us…”

“No need for that,” I replied. “I won’t be coming back.”

What a bunch of crap.

On the other hand, I had a little problem with both my phone and cable tv service because of the rainstorm, and Comcast was on the spot with the fix and a smile.

Rite Aid no more; Comcast forever.


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2 responses to “Customer (No) Service

  1. I don’t blame you; I’d be pissed too! They should pay the difference on what you’ve spent there.

  2. capncrusty

    I’ll bet that if you were to ask Comcast if they were monitoring your Internet usage for Homeland Security, they’d also say that they don’t “volunteer this information”.

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