I’ve been arrested!

Fortunately, it’s just the March of Dimes that has held me captive, and I must raise my bail of $1,000 or they won’t give me lunch.
Seriously, though, Al and I have made a donation to the March of Dimes in gratitude for every single one of our eight grandchildren that has been born healthy.
Think about this: One in ten babies is born premature. One in 33 is born with a birth defect. One in eight women receive inadequate prenatal care. All of these things contribute to our high and inexcusable mortality rate among infants in their first year of life. Something has to be done, and the March of Dimes has been doing it and will continue to do it.
Please give, even if it’s $5. I know this is an inconvenient time of financial insecurity, especially since I hope you’re also donating to the political campaign of your choice.
If you don’t want to make your tax-deductible contribute online at http://jailandbail.marchofdimes.com/LizCratty
You can send your check, made out to the March of Dimes, to me, and I’ll make certain it gets to them. Email me for my snail address.
Thanks for helping me make bail. And thanks for helping the babies.

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