I’m hitting myself on the head with a hammer

I can’t wait for this election to be over, and here’s why: I’m obsessed with it.

Every day I watch the talking heads and get incensed all over again. I cannot believe the minutia that the press is poring over, trying to infer this or sidestep that.

And everybody’s guilty of it.

I am so sick of Bush bashing that I can’t even listen to it any more. From anyone.

Why, then, do I subject myself to the idiocy of the pundits and the know-nothing talking heads? I think it’s because I’m still searching for a shred of decency there. It seems to me that the candidates have a lot more integrity these days than most of the newscasters, commentators and the guests they have on their shows.

But I find no such decency in the media, and that’s what’s making me crazy. I remember that the Bush/Kerry election got kind of mean-spirited, but I don’t remember it being like this. We all have to live together after next Tuesday. Can we all just put this behind us and carry on? I’m not so sure, and that breaks my heart.

America survived eight years of W. We can survive four years of the next guy, too. Whether it’s your pick or mine, we’ll get through it.

Can’t we please do it with a little decorum?


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3 responses to “I’m hitting myself on the head with a hammer

  1. janelinda

    No decency in the media is right!
    Now with Jesse Jackson threatening that if Obama doesn’t win….what a shame that this country is where it is.

  2. It seems to me that the lack of decorum, the mean-spirited attacks, are mostly coming from the McCain/Palin camp. Cries of “He’s an Arab!” (purportedly a bad thing to be), “He’s a terrorist!” (referring no doubt to former Weatherman Bill Ayers; fair enough, but then where is the hue and cry against McCain’s involvement with the poorly-named U.S. Council for World Freedom? [see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_League_for_Freedom_and_Democracy%5D), even “Kill him!” are heard at McCain rallies–not at Obama’s.

    Obama’s not my first choice, I’ll freely admit that. He only seems progressive when put side-by-side with the Project for a New American Century zealots whom have ruled from the Bush White House for eight years now, and look to continue that regime under McCain. But right now, that’s enough to get my vote for Obama rather than Nader…that, and the blatant racism that has surfaced in a desperate GOP camp as they face a much-deserved trouncing a week from today.

    As for “Bush bashing”…I’ll give it up, when the worst “President” ever, along with his cohorts, is perp-marched into Leavenworth.

  3. OMG, I am RIGHT THERE with you. What makes me nuts is when ignorant, hate-filled comments make it into the media–unchallenged. I need to drown out the noise and write, but it ain’t happening….xoxox

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