Facebook: Okay, now I get it

Well, that didn’t take long.

I searched and found a couple of people I knew, so I invited them to be my “friend.” Soon their friends were my friends. Then my dog has her own page on Dogbook (can you believe this?) and she has her own dog friends. And I’m a member of groups, and they have friends.

It’s the ultimate time suck. And addictive.

Perhaps I’ll be there more often than I imagine.  And I still feel as though I ought to have a professional presence there as well as a personal presence. Hmmm. Maybe the twain will finally meet.

Regardless, I better go check to see what all my “friends” are up to. That will keep me from pining about not having the new updated Kindle.


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3 responses to “Facebook: Okay, now I get it

  1. capncrusty

    I wish I had a virtual “life”.

  2. It’s too true: sucks you in!

  3. I have a virtual life 🙂 It’s good for pretty much everything, till you ned someone to help you move.

    Dogbook? Really? My duck is on Twitter (she’s a Muscovy – they don’t quack, they twitter. She has a myspace page too. It looks better than mine. She has many duck friends. My brother calls it the Duck Underground. I’m not 12. I’ll be 50 in a month. My myspace page is neglected. I don’t se it. myspace layouts make my eyes bleed. Read it again – I’ll be 50 next month.

    I think you can have a “public figure” type of page. Aaron Sorkin has a “group.”

    I never heard of you before today. I just bought an old Grey’s Anatomy book and I’m still trying to decide whether Derek truly was the alpha. Over Burke? Derek was a silly child compared to Burke. I won’t watch the coming next week, but I read the writers’ blog. Derek’s crap (as I call it) looks as if it might finally be addressed. That would be great. Because, really? a man who lies by omission about being married? who goes back to his wife but sniffs Meredith the whole time? This is not a man I could admire. He wasn’t worthy of Meredith (and that’s saying something, considering how many people consider her whiny and self involved.)
    Dreamy? Nope. He just looked good. Alpha? I don’t know. Our Alpha’s looked after the pack. Meredith looked after her friends. She always did.

    There was no worry or conflict if they were both Alpha – for different groups. Not till Mer had reached a position equal to Derek. Like the thought of Richard and Ellis “fighting each other for Chief.” Maybe then…

    I don’t know. Even Derek doesn’t think he is as great as he thinks he is.
    And no, that wasn’t a typo.

    One thing I did get from Grey’s was the opportunity to feedback to the writers. Since then, with some writers (Bill Lawrence, Aaron Sorkin), it’s even been a two-way.
    On this topic, I couldn’t hold my end up, I fear. But I’m still curious and not sure I agree (granted, much seasonage has passed since this was written (oh right, love Joss).

    Have fun on Facebook. That’s where I settled, myself. It’s nice to have a place to “express” – my website is on Scott Bakula, my blog abandoned. Facebook is where my friends coexist, even when we outgrow the fandoms or churches or whatever, where we met. We keep in touch more by expressing than inquiring. The expressing causes inquiry, comments of similar experience, and wild tangents that devolve from the original expression. And chatting with friends of friends without the wallflower worry of a real party. Which makes it great for the shy. You can watch, and you don’t have to jump in – until you want to. My friend Kelly is ecstatic that her “friends are talking to each other.” And I’ve found relatives I never knew I had…

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