Living by Intention

We’ve all heard that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions,” but I’ve come to realize that just like nothing in my office gets done without a deadline, many worthwhile things are never accomplished because there was never a stated intention.

For example: what is the intention of your marriage (or relationship)?  It’s worth thinking about, discussing with your partner, and writing out on paper.

I’m just beginning to investigate sustainable systems, and they all seem to begin with a stated intention.  Instead of “I want to lose weight,” or “my goal weight is ___ pounds,” what if we changed those words to: “I intend to eat, exercise and live my life in a manner that supports my sustainable weight of ___ pounds.” To you, the difference may be miniscule, but when you add in the other elements of a sustainable system, such as values, beliefs, expectations, and criteria of fulfillment, we may just find ourselves with a working system. Weight is just a small part of a larger system. If we don’t address the entire system with intention, then all the parts suffer.

We don’t have many sustainable systems on our world…witness our energy crisis, the monetary crisis, the overpopulation issue, starvation…I could go on ad nauseum. If we put our heads together with regards to sustainable systems, beginning with the family unit, our eating habits, our spending habits and the values we use to raise aware children, we could see a marked difference in our world in just one generation.

So go ahead. State your intentions. Start with your relationship. Just what, exactly, is your intention? Be sincere. And see where that takes you.

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