Obama’s Nobel

I should have been prepared for talking-head backlash on the Nobel Peace Prize being conferred upon President Obama, but I wasn’t.

First of all, everybody’s got an opinion, and in this instance, the only opinion that matters is the Nobel Peace Prize Committee. So everybody else can just shut up for a minute and try to figure out why they deemed him worthy of his extraordinary honor.

We are so divisive, so ready to engage in conflict, so partisan. No matter what the news item, the antithesis has to be aired. The news shows have to show the negative side of everything–not just show it, but dwell on it–because that’s what makes ratings.

I think perhaps the Nobel Committee is a step ahead of us. Perhaps they’re even a tier above. Perhaps they like Obama’s “can-do” attitude. Perhaps they like the hope that Obama offers in endeavoring to treat everybody like a human being. Perhaps they appreciate that he’s “no drama Obama” and has a singular vision to which he sticks without wavering.  He’s a constitutional scholar. He’s fair. He’s just. He’s a leader’s leader.

But he’s not perfect. Nobody is. Yet what he represents is so far beyond anything we’ve seen in a world leader that I applaud the vision of the Nobel Committee for seeing the bigger picture and recognizing it. Honoring it. Putting it on the global stage and shining one of the biggest spotlights there is upon it.

Well, for once, instead of giving face time to all the sound-byte-craving jerks who call this honor into question, I think the world ought to sit back and say wow.  This is unprecedented. This is extraordinary.

And now that you mention it, this really is quite a guy.


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2 responses to “Obama’s Nobel

  1. It isn’t even a partisan thing. It is lowering the standards to accommodate someone before they have earned anything.
    There used to be standards for promotions way back when I was younger, we had to meet and perform to certain criteria. If we didn’t we didn’t get the promotion.
    This is almost an affirmative action move. No one would complain if he had earned it. We all could then be proud. The problem is that those of us who remember what a true honor it used to be, are taken aback to this announcement.

    Here is how it was supposed to be: is awarded to those who “in the preceding year have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind.”

    This man was nominated only 2 weeks into his administration-February 10th I believe it was. I cannot see anything he did last year to even be nominated.

    This is what has everyone in a snit. Wouldn’t you think that out of 205 nominees, there may have been plenty who have been working their whole life time to bring some form of peace to some peoples somewhere who have not truly known peace?

    It just saddens so many people how so much keeps being compromised for the sake of Political Correctness, so has to work for anything anymore? It is that entitlement mentality, also which is enough to make people scream.

    The prize has turned into a meaningless political instrument-we saw that when Al Gore rec’d it for his lies about global warming. He is just a late comer to the show and a charlatan for that matter, where was he in 72?

    This really takes the meaning out of peace, for so many of us. Well maybe he may, and then maybe he won’t, do whatever it takes to deserve it, but could they have waited until 2010 before they did it.

    He threw the Jews under the bus and they just love that. There is still so much antisemitism in Europe to this day, so they show it very subtly.

    Sorry for the dissertation.

  2. Great post. Reminded me of Daniel Shore’s essay on NPR today: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=113803563

    Love Daniel Shore! Love you!

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