The Power of the Word

I am a writer. The job of a writer is to use the limited universe of word symbols correctly — to employ the word symbols that most precisely depict what I mean to say, and put those word symbols in the correct order so that I can be as accurate in my communication as possible. Communication is about taking what’s in my head or heart and conveying that to you as completely as I am able.

When people consciously and with considered aforethought choose the wrong words to mislead, misdirect and confuse, we call that spin. We don’t like it when politicians spin, and we don’t like it when news analysts spin. Spin is an affront to me, and it should be an affront to you, too. We should demand accuracy from our politicians, who are our employees. We have a right to know the truth, and the whole truth.

I’ve already taken space on this blog to rant about the Pro Life movement, which is really an anti-abortion movement. You cannot be Pro Life if you are pro war, or pro killing anything–even wolves, as we encroach upon their habitat. There’s nothing wrong with being anti-abortion, but let’s not spin it. Pro Life and Anti-Abortion are two completely separate things.

My current heart sickness is over “Childhood Sexual Abuse” by the Catholic priests. Heartsick doesn’t begin to convey the soul sadness and overwhelming empathy for the victims that I feel. Anger and fury don’t begin to describe how I feel about this wretched practice and its decades-long cover up. But here’s what really fries me. The term “Childhood Sexual Abuse” indicates that there is something that is acceptable called “Childhood Sexual Use.” Well, I don’t think so.

Two words that are overused and under-defined are “abuse” and “molestation.” I don’t know what either of those words mean, and neither do you.

I think that this situation would have been handled differently, and could still be handled differently, if every one were as outraged as they ought to be. Did that pedophile monster rape and sodomize two hundred little deaf boys? If so, let’s say it out loud. “Hey! A pedophile monster dressed as a man of God parlayed his power into raping and sodomizing two hundred little deaf boys who thought he was their God.” Put that on the news. To my mind, that goes a lot further than “Some priests committed childhood sexual abuse.”

I’m so angry about this I could spit.

I know that my previous post was about anger and fear. So here I am, angry. Furious. What do I fear?

I am afraid that our journalists have decided to stop reporting the truth and are allowing themselves to use inferior words to soften the harsh realities of powerful men brutalizing innocents. They are spinning, and it is a dangerous precedent.

I am afraid that softening the blow of these awful word symbols will keep the masses from mobilizing into insisting that every single person who knew about this heinous practice be removed from power and severely punished. Now! Right now! 

I am afraid that people will turn away from God as the result of the despicable, corrupt organization that has fostered this cancerous code of secrecy.

And that would be the worst tragedy of all.

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