Moxie and the African Queen

I’ve been experimenting with publishing some short fiction on for the Kindle.

The latest short story I posted was “Moxie and the African Queen”, a sweet little read for kids of all ages. Inspired originally by Alexis America, whose beautiful watercolor painting still hangs on my wall, my daughter and I collaborated on the bones of the story for an anthology called Great Writers and Kids Write Mystery Stories, illustrated by the incomparable Gahan Wilson and edited by Jill Morgan, Martin Greenberg and  Robert Weinberg.

I buy stand-alone short stories from Amazon, and am interested to find out if anyone else does. This is the fourth short story to appear in this form. Apex published “Music Ascending,” IFD published “Crosley” and I previously published “Charlie’s Grave.”

Check them out. They’re $.99, and as always, if you like what you find, please post a review on

And if you want, I have some far darker pieces I could post. Let me know.

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