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Responsibility Takes a Vacation

Okay, class, so what did we learn about the Wall Street greed merchants? That they have to be monitored. That the concept of a free market doesn’t work so well when people are out for themselves, which, in a way, we all are. We need to be supervised, so we don’t throw the whole blasted world into turmoil trying to get what we want.

This is kind of a familiar scenario, isn’t it? The “Not In My Backyard” people, the “I’ll get mine” people, the “If it’s legal…” people, the “I’ll sue you for that” people, and the worst of all (in my never-humble opinion): “If I can, I will.”

Well. Just because we can does not mean we should.

Case in point: The woman who just gave birth to eight kids. She now has fourteen children under the age of 8. Guess who’s paying for 8 critical infants in neonatal care? That’s right. You and me. Even if she has insurance, our rates will go up because of this.

Because there is nobody watching this particular type of heinous greed. Putting checks on our oh-so-valuable reproductive rights is a very unpopular, Hitler-esque concept. Do you think this mother and her husband can afford to attend to the needs of fourteen children without the help of the state? I don’t. Even if they pull it off with donations for now, what about later?

What doctor authorized the implantation of eight embryos to a woman with six children? He should be arrested for this crime, even though it is not yet on the books. And then we should put it on the books.

Overpopulation is killing us. It is stretching our resources to the breaking point, ruining wildlife habitat, and heating up our planet.

I say it’s time to regulate the ridiculous fertility business. Perhaps if those who were unable to have children didn’t have children, population would stabilize. Infertility could very well be nature’s way of saying we’ve had enough babies for now. 

I remember Zero Population Growth whose rallying cry was for each pair of people to have two children, just enough to replace themselves. Well, Wall Street has shown us that we won’t do that. If we wait for the socially-conscious to do the right thing there, we’ll all drown in our own effluent.  The socially conscious among us will have two children and those who don’t neuter their pit bulls and live with tires in their front yards will breed indiscriminately.

We can’t count on ourselves to do the right thing.

Isn’t that a shame?


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