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A Prediction, A Promise, and A Plea

Here we are again, at the doorstep of a new year. This past year has been hard for many of us for many reasons, and we have voiced our concerns loudly at rallies, on social media, and with families and friends. Unfortunately, many of us have lost friends and alienated family members in the process, and this is a tragedy.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world” is not just an old adage, it is the truth. The fabric of planetary consciousness is made up of everyone’s thoughts, ideas, hope, disillusionment, pain, and resolve. We alone have the power to change that.


Yes, I know. What can we do about the government? We can do what we’re doing. We can talk, we can march, we can send postcards. But we don’t have to be mean about it. We don’t have to be snide and attempt to wound with sharp words. We don’t have to call names. We are all better than that.

So here is my prediction for 2018: I see the beginnings of a spiritual revolution. I sense a quickening already, in the “Me Too” movement, in the lack of tolerance for the Old White Boys Club running things, about the backlash against environmental pollution and the rape of the land to feed tortured animals for the sake of a double cheeseburger. “Woke” is the silly new word that was briefly employed to describe this sprout of this spiritual revolution, and woke we are.

But this isn’t going to happen somewhere out there. It happens inside us. Each of us. We ARE the spiritual revolution that will change the tenor of the planet.

Stop thinking “They need to…” and start thinking “We need to…” Start thinking “I need to…” And then do it. Every minute of every hour of every day.

I believe the planet is ready. Part of it is backlash, part of it is boomerang, part is the spiritual pressure I feel from all corners. We can do this.

Here is my promise: I will no longer start squabbles on social media, with family members, or with friends who have differing ideas from me. If a tussle starts, I will not contribute to it. I have done so, and felt a rock in the pit of my stomach for days afterward. No more. I will honor my friends’ different opinions, because after all, they mostly honor mine. I will not add to discord in our world, not in deed, not in thought. I am in charge of my thoughts and in charge of my actions, and I will use them to promote peace in my tiny little world of influence.

And here is my plea: Join me. Stop annoying people. Allow others their own journey (my definition of forgiveness).  Don’t quarrel. Try to see their side. It takes two to fight; it also takes two to dance.

I believe if everyone who reads this post begins 2018 with a resolve to hold love in the heart, to seek the higher ground, to always do the right thing, then that attitude will lighten the fabric of planetary consciousness. And as you infect others with the benign virus of love, they, too, will spread it around.

We’re not perfect, and I don’t expect that I will end the year unscathed by my own actions. But at least I will be consciously trying.

Next December, we can review the work we’ve done and be happy about our accomplishments, because I truly believe that we stand on the cusp of a spiritual revolution. Both within and without. Change the within and the without has no choice but to change.

Let’s do it. Let’s change this world.

Be nice. Be kind. Be thoughtful. Be generous. Be loving. Be giving. Be active.

Be the change.


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Worthy Causes

Last night, my lovely friend Bonnie treated me to a ticket to “Ten Grands,” a fundraising concert at the Schnitzer in Portland for The Snowman Foundation. The Snowman Foundation provides musical instruments, instruction, etc. to underprivileged kids, and is quite an amazingly worthwhile cause.

But the concert! Oh, my! Ten grand pianos on stage with ten world-class pianists (and a couple of surprises), playing everything from Cole Porter to Rachmaninov. I had no idea what I was missing until I heard “Flight of the Bumblebee” played on ten pianos at once.  (Not everything, obviously, was played by ten pianos at once.)

Anyway, the purpose of this post is not only to let people know that this amazing concert will be in Seattle on May 17, but that we should always be on the lookout for worthy causes.

Al and I have our favorite charities, of course, but it seems to me this morning that we write checks to them almost out of habit. Checks are good to write, but there are other things to be done as well. Donating time, for one. I looked around that event–this was the eighth straight annual sold-out performance–and thought about all the time and energy that went into producing, promoting and staging the concert, most all of it provided at cost or donated, and I was quite moved by the generosity of the people who find it important to promote the arts in Oregon.

We all do what we can, I know that. We’re a very generous people. My reflection today is that writing a check somehow seems to salve the conscience, but doesn’t necessarily get the job done.  And by contributing to the same organization out of habit does a disservice to other worthy organizations. 

Food for thought on a nice Sunday, cloudy but with possibilities.

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