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Great reading

Well, you all know how much I love my Kindle, but as I’ve had it now for seven months or so, I’m discovering one of my favorite uses: Magazines. I read books on the Kindle, and have at least a dozen “samples” that I’ve downloaded–the first twenty or thirty pages or so of books that I might want to buy and read–but for my night time reading purposes, I’m now reading the best short stuff the world has to offer.

Let me say that I’m not reading Cosmo, and also that my time–even this summer–has been quite taken up with textbooks for school (currently reading Essential Judaism: A Complete Guide to
Beliefs, Customs, and Rituals
). So for the years I’m in school, my fiction reading habits have been and will be wildly disrupted.

But for $2.49 a month, I get Forbes automatically downloaded to my device. For $1.49, I get Opinionated, one of the most stimulating collection of opinion pieces published to my  knowledge. Their sections are from the Liberal viewpoint, the Conservative viewpoint, the Independent viewpoint and the Worldview. Fascinating.

But my fave comes for only $1.25 per month. The Atlantic Monthly. Holy smoly. This month’s issue is the best yet.  The best short fiction I’ve read in years. Each morsel is sublime.

Of course there are other magazines and newspapers available on the Kindle, from Time to Asimov, but this is not a Kindle advertisement. This is an advertisement for the Atlantic Monthly and a joyful shout that someone is still publishing brilliant short fiction.

I would never subscribe to these paper magazines. Too much paper. Too much guilt when I don’t read them. But electronically? When I go to bed at night and pick up my Kindle, I feel like I’m in a bookstore, browing through the best for my tastes.

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