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Seems like the sky is falling.

Housing values are going down, credit is tightening up, ethanol is taking all our corn, illegal immigrants are sucking the life out of our schools and health care industry, most of us have no health insurance, the war in Iraq is killing our young men, some cities are out of drinking water, we can’t keep the wolves out of our sheep, and danger lurks behind every tree.

And yet nobody addresses the issue of overpopulation.

I remember a time when ZPG was a rallying cry. Zero Population Growth. (There was even a movie.) Every couple should have two children, just enough to replace themselves. Why is this so politically incorrect these days? Is it because those of social conscience do just that while others breed indiscriminately, skewing the population toward those of less social conscience? What are we afraid of here, exactly? Retaining the reproductive rights of those bad mothers who have their children taken away from them as quickly as they can pop them out? Or is it a religious thing?

It seems to me that reducing our population has the potential of curing almost every ill we currently face.

Maybe there should be incentives for smaller families. And while we’re at it, we don’t need to honor “anchor babies” of illegal aliens as automatic US citizens. Babies born to American mothers in Mexico aren’t automatically Mexican citizens. We need to deal with that issue pronto, and I guess a few letters to our congressmen might get that ball rolling.

But back to the issue at hand. Zero Population Growth. Even the old ZPG nonprofit foundation has moderated itself, now called “Population Connection.” Why would that be? The old ZPG philosophy too radical for today’s tender people?

Seems to me that if we don’t moderate ourselves a little bit, and rein in the reproductive perogatives, we’re going to be in increasing trouble.


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