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2013: Year of Sustainability

I’ve been naming my years lately. 2009 was my Year of Hesed (lovingkindness). 2010 was my Year of the Tao. 2011, my Year of Living Simply. 2012, my Year of Forgiveness. I did a lot of forgiving this past year, both of myself for my gaffes, stupid comments/acts and poking my nose into other peoples’ business, and for others who did the same to me or in my presence. I have a long way to go toward being the type of loving, non-judgmental human being I aspire to be, but a healthy dose of forgiveness goes a long way toward achieving that goal.

In 2013, I want the focus to be on sustainability.  I want to think “Sustainability!” in every area of my life, with the hope that the things that I do and say prompt others to start thinking in channels of sustainability. I’ve already begun eating a plant-based diet, as our meat and dairy production facilities are unsustainable for the world.

Theologian Matthew Fox, in his amazing book A New Reformation wrote: “Sustainability is another word for justice, for what is just is sustainable, and what is unjust is not.”

This is as good a definition of justice as I have ever heard. As “Social Justice” is one of the new buzzwords these days, I’m not sure those who promote it can define it. This is a good definition, and I hope all will eventually adopt it.

This year I will be mindful about my consumption. I will work for sustainable causes, whether it be in education, in social reform, health care, politics, or self-expression. I believe that the planet teeters on the brink of a sustainability revolution, and if I can help to push awareness over the brink, I will.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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Well. Wasn’t that something?

I admit I wept when Chief Justice Roberts said, “Congratulations, Mr. President.”

The entire event, from start to finish, filled me with such a sense of pride to be an American. As Aretha Franklin sang, I thought about all the bloody and bloodless coups that have taken place all over the world, throughout history, throwing governments and their people into turmoil. We have our own turmoil, it’s true, but that isn’t part of it. That “peaceful transfer of power” that the talking heads continually refer to should never be taken for granted, not by any of us, not for one moment.

And now I chuckle as every moment of the new administration is watched over. His first dance with the first lady. His first official signature. His first cabinet meeting. The girls’ first sleepover. It reminds me of new parents watching their baby. Its first yawn. Its first smile. Its first step. 

Very sweet.

But I’m ready for some meat now. The festivities are important, but let’s get down to business. I think Obama is a guy who tolerates the pomp and circumstance well because he understands how important pageantry sometimes is, but I think he is just as eager to get to work.

Let’s all wish him well, give him the benefit of the doubt, and leave him alone for the next 100 days, and let him do what he said he would.


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I’m hitting myself on the head with a hammer

I can’t wait for this election to be over, and here’s why: I’m obsessed with it.

Every day I watch the talking heads and get incensed all over again. I cannot believe the minutia that the press is poring over, trying to infer this or sidestep that.

And everybody’s guilty of it.

I am so sick of Bush bashing that I can’t even listen to it any more. From anyone.

Why, then, do I subject myself to the idiocy of the pundits and the know-nothing talking heads? I think it’s because I’m still searching for a shred of decency there. It seems to me that the candidates have a lot more integrity these days than most of the newscasters, commentators and the guests they have on their shows.

But I find no such decency in the media, and that’s what’s making me crazy. I remember that the Bush/Kerry election got kind of mean-spirited, but I don’t remember it being like this. We all have to live together after next Tuesday. Can we all just put this behind us and carry on? I’m not so sure, and that breaks my heart.

America survived eight years of W. We can survive four years of the next guy, too. Whether it’s your pick or mine, we’ll get through it.

Can’t we please do it with a little decorum?


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Revolution by Ron Paul

I just finished reading Revolution by Ron Paul, and it has rocked my entire worldview.

He doesn’t just bash the current administration (I’m kind of sick of that, aren’t you?), he discusses the Constitution and what we’ve done over the years to ignore it, circumvent it, and discount it. He talks about the fact that our downward spiral is not inevitable and what steps he thinks we need to take in order to correct our course.

This book gave me hope.

I try not to get too political on this blog, but this is back to basics. If we want to change he Constitution, there are ways to go about it. Until those steps are employed, every elected official ought to abide by it. Period.

We’re going to get a fresh face in the White House next January, and I hope it is in the form of a Constitutional scholar who will lead us back to the basics. We desperately need it.

Meantime, everybody who is interested in the direction of this country (and aren’t we all?) ought to add this book to their reading list.


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