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For a long time, my short novel, Candyland, was only available in the collection The Alchemy of Love. Now, it is available as an ebook, an audio book, and now, finally, as a stand-alone paperback.


After fifteen years of hard work, Candiland, the movie based on my book, was finally filmed and released. This was an incredible labor of love by everyone, and quite a sacrifice-for-the-art by the star James Clayton. Every one involved in the production did a stellar job, including James, and his co-stars Chelah Horsdal and Gary Busey. Rusty Nixon wrote a wonderful screenplay and filmed it with a deft hand.


Working with Motorcycle Boy Productions was a true pleasure in every respect. I was able to be on set for a couple of days, to review the script before filming, and was consulted on several issues.

There was no requirement for them to involve me in the process, but they did, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Having a book turned into a movie is the dream of every author, and I sincerely wish author can have the same experience.



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Candyland will be a movie!

With an amazing script by Rusty Nixon, Candyland, a dark, deeply disturbing novel of mine is currently in development. Funds are being raised, and you can participate! W. Scott Peake is directing; his latest film, Permanent Vacation did very well.

I couldn’t be more excited.

Candyland is available in the collaborative collection of stories and art in the volume The Alchemy of Love, and is available as a stand-alone on the Kindle.

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