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Preparing for Silence

Sunday morning, I will wake up silent, and will not speak until Monday night. This is in response to a class assignment, to engage in a spiritual practice I’ve never done before, and then write a publishable article about the experience.

Well, I’ve never been silent for more than a few moments at a time in my entire life, but it strangely appeals.

I’ll take books, writing materials and my knitting. I’ll take long walks, meditate, write, read, knit, engage in centering prayer, and just hang out with myself, wearing a sign that says “I’m Silent Today” just in case. No television, radio or internet. I’m going to be in a beautiful place, and this is going to be an interesting experience.

Do I have an intention for this experience? Not yet, but I’ll be working on that between now and then. I’m looking forward to it with mixed emotions of eager anticipation and a little fear of being disappointed in the experience. I believe the most spiritual practice of all is being gentle with others, so to be alone and silent is a little antithetical to my way of thinking, but I’m very willing to be wrong about that.

So stay tuned. I’ll be back on Monday night, and will write about my experience on Tuesday. If any of you have suggestions for me before I shut down the internet Saturday night, please post them.


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