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Baggage Check

My new novel, Baggage Check, is now out from IFD Publishing and available for the Kindle, the Nook, and all other electronic formats.

This book is about many things, but most specifically sex, drugs, treachery, and–most dangerous of all–love.

Baggage Check Cover Art

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Mourning iGoogle

So I see that iGoogle is going away in November, just when it I got it configured perfectly for me.

My home page used to be with Yahoo, but iGoogle was so superior, I had no problems switching over.  So, when I log on to my computer, I get local, national, world, entertainment and sports news headlines, local weather and forecast, the stock report, all the blogs I follow, quick-link bookmarks, a listing of what’s currently showing at local theaters, and and I can Google whatever I want, right from the home page.  I can browse all this at a glance and be ready for my day.

But that is going away in lieu of apps.

I get apps. I have a tablet, and I like it.  But I can’t figure out how to configure Google+ so that I can have the information that I want in the morning all in one place. If I want social stuff, I’ll go to Facebook, which is where all my friends are. In the morning, I want a snapshot of all the information that I want. Am I dense? Am I a dinosaur? I do know that I am a Taurus and resistant to change, but I try to keep up with most technological advances. This, however, doesn’t feel like an advance. It feels suspiciously like a way to eventually separate me from my money.

I can always go back to my Yahoo home page. It’s still there, idling patiently, but it is difficult to use, compared to iGoogle. Surely it won’t be around forever, either.

This is what I want: a home page configured for all the things I want to see first thing in the morning, without hunting for them here and there in obscurity. If you know a way that I can do that once iGoogle fades into the background come November, email me. I will be eternally grateful.

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