Counseling Myself

I am taking a counseling issues class at school and have to write a paper wherein I counsel a fictitious person.

Well. I’m a writer, and I know that no matter how I dress the characters in my fiction, while they are not necessarily me, they are of me. Very crafty of these instructors. We’re to reveal our darkest ugliness and counsel ourselves.

The interesting thing is trying to choose which issue to pursue. Having done a lot of work on myself over the past decades in my twelve step program, I’m feeling pretty good about myself these days.  And yet, I have issues (as my husband will readily, and maybe even a little joyfully, attest).

Maybe the question is this: how revealing do I want to get with this assignment? Past endeavors have shown me that working on the tiniest little irritation can bring leviathans out of the depths of my psyche. I’m not sure I want that, but working on something small seems like a simpler, saner path.

Maybe I’ll start tomorrow.

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